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Working Out at Home
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Back Massage

Soft Tissue Therapy

Experienced therapist offering a range of massage and movement therapies from a beautiful Byron Bay setting.

Health fund rebates available.

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Soft Tissue Therapy

Looking for a proactive approach to overcome persistent aches, pains or injury?



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Baby boomer blokes like me don't need help but when my neck got too sore I asked my GP.  He ruled out a few drastic options and recommended Laura.  Through her massage, manipulations and advice I've got my body back and have discovered some roots causes - not just in my neck.  I can't believe someone can know so much and share it so well.  We collaborated, I've recovered and I now know how to avoid a next time.  Movement is a key, of course. 
I have and do recommend Laura to others that suffer like I did.  Many thanks Laura.

Duncan Dey

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