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Laura Kavanagh

Soft Tissue Therapist
Pilates instructor
JEMS Certified Clinical Rehabilitation Practitioner

Hi, thanks for visiting. I'd love to share my passion for massage and movement with you. My unique approach to the body is grounded in JEMS (Joanne Elphinston Movement System) and backed by over 20 years of massage therapy.

My mixed skillset gives me the flexibility to work with people on multiple levels  -  alleviating pain and tension, addressing biomechanics, strength and stability, posture and movement patterns.

Recent times have brought me a renewed appreciation for the importance of simplicity and relaxation. For real change to take place, we must be calm, our nervous system regulated. With this in mind, it's my pleasure to offer Swedish massage and Reflexology for relaxation, in addition to the more clinical offerings of soft tissue therapy, remedial massage and JEMS/Pilates based movement rehabilitation. 

My side passions are training new massage therapists in my role as lead tutor at Byron Community College, and running group classes to share the JEMS work with the community. I love to dance, run, swim, cycle, sing, learn and spend time in nature.

Always happy to talk through what might work best for you prior to booking, so don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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