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Soft Tissue Therapy

Integrating massage and movement therapy for lasting results.

Soft Tissue Therapy is the assessment and treatment of soft tissue pain and injury. Your treatment may involve massage, joint mobilisation, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and other manual techniques in addition to breath work, mobility and stability exercises, movement and postural education.

Laura favours a collaborative treatment approach where client and therapist work together to discover the drivers for persistent issues. Often a revealing process on many levels, clients are then equipped with the knowledge and skills to make long lasting change. 

If you are looking to move beyond symptom relief and be an active participant in resolving more longstanding issues, this is the treatment for you. 

NB: soft tissues are your muscles, fascia (connective tissue), ligaments and tendons. These tissues are prone to overuse, overload, shortening and lengthening which can produce all kinds of aches, pains and injuries.

Leg Injury
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Remedial Massage

Targeted, therapeutic, deep

A targeted massage treatment based on your individual needs. Ideal for those who need assistance unwinding from postural, sporting or work stress. Also a great aid in the process of recovery from injury or illness.

As well as addressing specific aches and pains, remedial massage can improve tissue health, increase mobility, promote better posture, improve sleep quality and reduce blood pressure.

Myofascial Release, Trigger Point TherapySports MassagePregnancy Massage and Deep tissue Massage are all techniques that fall under the Remedial massage category.

If your aim is to reduce pain, increase mobility and/or remove any limitations to your moving freely and well, this is the treatment for you.

Sports massage on leg
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Swedish Relaxation Massage

Soothing to body, mind and spirit

Swedish massage is a gentle, flowing, oil based massage designed to calm the nervous system - gently easing you out of fight/flight/freeze mode into the deeply restorative rest/digest/repair mode. 

A seamless, full body massage that enables you to let go completely.

Pouring Massage Oil
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Enhancing your body's innate healing capacity

A full hour devoted to your feet. Reflexology is based on the notion that the entire body can be influenced via reflex points on the feet. With the skilled application of pressure and mobilisation to the feet, a reflexologist aims to restore balance to the whole body whilst promoting a deep and profound relaxation response.

A deeply relaxing and restorative treatment, reflexology is particularly suited to those times when receiving a full body massage may be less appealing. For example, those with limited mobility, recent acute injury, post surgery, prenatal or postpartum. 

Foot Reflexology
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Pilates/JEMS Training

Most people are familiar with Pilates as a form of movement training that emphasises spinal mobility, core control and pelvic stability. 

But what about JEMS? JEMS is a fresh, modern approach to movement, informed by the latest research from the fields of biomechanics, motor learning, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology. What this means is that, where progress with previous approaches can plateau - coming up against roadblocks of persistant movement habits that are resistant to change - JEMS has multiple new ways in.

These private, personalised training sessions are tailored to your goals and needs. Available face to face or via zoom, we will make use of a range of equipment including swiss ball, therabands, hand weights, kettle bells, med balls, the oov and foam rollers.

Book a single session or prepay a series to save.

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