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About JEMS

Joanne Elphinston Movement System

JEMS is a modern approach to movement enhancement, rehabilitation and training. Drawing widely from research in the fields of biomechanics, motor learning, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology, JEMS uniquely equips practitioners to navigate the full spectrum of factors contributing to a clients experience.

But what does that mean for you?

A JEMS practitioner can work with you to:

Optimise your biomechanics.  Learn how to get the right body part to the right place at the right time, to dance gracefully with gravity and manage forces with ease.

Really own your posture and your movement. Through the use of thoughtful coaching, JEMS promotes ownership of your posture and movement rather than reliance on an instructor for feedback.

Forge fresh connections between your brain and body.  Did you know that by harnessing the power of emotion, imagery and awareness of subtle sensations you can rewire your brain? Unconscious and unhelpful movement templates in the cerebellum can be overwritten, changing movement patterns where it matters most - in the brain where they originate.

Better understand how your personal history, roles, attitudes and beliefs can affect your posture and movement

Encourage you to question: What if this were easy? What can I let go of? What else is possible?

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Origin of JEMS

About Joanne Elphinston

JEMS is the brainchild of movement performance and rehabilitation expert, Joanne Elphinston.

Joanne's incredible career has taken her across the globe from Australia to the USA, United Kingdom, Europe and South America. She works with an extraordinary range of people from children to the elderly to top performers in sports, dance and music.

It takes a special something to thrive across so many domains. With a background in both sport and music as a youngster, Joanne studied Physiotherapy in Australia and had many successful years in practice before her curious mind led her to study Philosophy in Ireland. 

She has since applied a philosopher's mind to the complexity of the human body in motion, questioning assumptions, challenging long held beliefs, innovating. Drawing equally from the research as from her diverse clinical experience.

JEMS is the result. The art and science of beautiful movement. 

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There are many methods of training that can teach you the basics about the body. You may have encountered notions of ideal posture and alignment or detailed instruction on what to feel, what to squeeze and how and when to breath. 

What makes JEMS different is that it guides you to get to know your own unique body. By learning to sense yourself more accurately, you are empowered to make changes that stick. By emphasising the sensory experience of ease, you recognise it when you feel it, thus getting the results you want, with less effort and less stress on your body. 

Laura incorporates the JEMS approach in all of her Soft Tissue Therapy sessions.

Many clients then chose to train one on one with Laura for a period of sessions, to develop a JEMS based movement practice that serves their needs and goals.

Laura also teaches JEMS in small groups in person and online. 

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