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Pilates/JEMS Training

Most people are familiar with Pilates as a system of movement training that emphasises spinal mobility, core control and pelvic stability. 

But what about JEMS? JEMS is a fresh, modern approach to movement, informed by the latest research from the fields of biomechanics, motor learning, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology. What this means is that, where progress with previous approaches can plateau - coming up against roadblocks of persistent movement habits that are resistant to change - JEMS has multiple new ways in.

These private, personalised training sessions are tailored to your goals and needs. Available face to face or via zoom, we will make use of a range of equipment including swiss ball, therabands, hand weights, kettle bells, med balls, the oov and foam rollers.

Book a single session or prepay a series to save.

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Pilates/JEMS training: Services
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