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Course review: JEMS® Movement EASE Sydney, 5-6 May 2019

Presented by Polestar Pilates

Highly recommend this course for Pilates instructors or movement professionals of any type! JEMS has transformed my approach to posture and movement from a  dry and academic pursuit of neutral spine and core control toward an ability to foster fluidity, ease and true self expression. 

The course reveals as much about yourself as a mover as it does challenge your beliefs about what is functional and relevant for the bodies you are teaching. 

We’ve all had those clients whose persistent postural habits never seem to change despite consistent effort. JEMS is jam packed with practical solutions that make it easier not only to identify these patterns and understand what drives them, but more importantly to communicate with your client about them in a way that  promotes meaningful and lasting change. 

 It is by far the most impactful professional development I have encountered in almost 20 years in the industry and now influences every session with every client in a major way.

The highly practical format enables you to learn the concepts and techniques through your own experience. Joanne’s interest and expertise in learning theory shines through and you are aware of being in the presence of a master communicator.

It’s a rare talent to  be able to combine the complexities of many different disciplines (biomechanics, exercise science, neurophysiology, psychology) and distill it down to something simple - but Joanne has achieved this masterfully with the JEMS work.

Cannot reccommend highly enough for any practitioner who desires to bring an intelligent, mindful and compassionate approach to their work. 

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